You Can’t Make Time So Take It

Mar 01, 2023

Here’s the funny thing about time. Everyone has the same amount of time each day. As much as I wish that I had 30-plus hours each day, we all have 24. If I had 30 hours, I’d fill my plate to expand to 30-hour days. This is why prioritization is crucial. We cannot add more hours to our day, so we must take the time to prioritize what’s important to us right now. We can’t make time, so we must take it.


Oftentimes, we experience guilt when we prioritize, especially when it involves other people who are important to us. But hear me as I say this: If you truly care about those who are important and close to you, prioritize your time and they will also feel prioritized. How is this possible? When you prioritize yourself, you fill up your own cup. And when you’re pouring from a full cup, you’re then able to fully invest in others.


What does this have to do with overwhelm? Time is about prioritization and we will never get time back, so use it wisely. Prioritize those who are important to you, prioritize your body, prioritize your mind, body, and health and you’ll be amazed at what comes next :) Overwhelm subsides. Then you are free to live the rich, fulfilling, dream-seeking life you were meant for.


Until next time my friend,


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