"A balanced lifestyle requires both a balanced body and mind." 

Dr. Bryana - Pharmacist, Women's Wellness Coach

Hi, I'm Dr. Bryana Gregory - Pharmacist and Personalized Women's Wellness Coach and I'm so glad you're here!


I'm here because I was once like you. I was tired, overwhelmed, had too many responsibilities on my plate, and not enough time or energy to show up fully for any of them. As a former competitive golfer, I was trained to work overtime.  My health and quality of life began to decline because I wasn't prioritizing myself. Shocker! In fact, to be honest...this happened a few times.

I spent hours, if not days in bed in the fetal position because no doctor could find out what was wrong. I saw 10+ doctors for my symptoms, and was even offered open heart surgery. Time, money, pain and I wasn't getting any better. Eventually, I got sick of it. Conventional approaches were not helping, I needed something different…

As a formally trained pharmacist, I am wired to take care of people, and I love it more than anything. This is why I am here, but not in the way you may think. I don't feel it's necessary for you to be prescribed one pharmaceutical drug after another, only to cover up the symptoms, or to create new ones! We get sick because our bodies are out of balance or because we are deficient in something. I'm here to help you figure out what those imbalances and deficiencies are and to set you on a path to wellness, and a balanced lifestyle which allows you to thrive! God designed your body with the incredible ability to heal itself, which is why protecting your body and its immunity is so important.

This is why I created a 1-on-1 program designed for us to spend the time to take a deep dive into your personal health and well-being. I'm ready to help you achieve the most abundant, joyful, energetic, successful, and driven version of you.

Are you ready?

Your wellness is a journey.

As your health advocate and coach, I promise to be with you every step of the way. 


I'm Ready to Get Started!