Small Wins Yield BIG RESULTS

Mar 15, 2023
step by step

Why is it SO hard to maintain the results you’ve worked so hard for? Weight loss, managing anxiety, success at work, progress in a relationship. Consistency is key to progress, I’ve discussed this in previous posts, but it’s not everything. Today I want to focus on celebration.


As a pharmacist and coach, I’ve seen people experience plenty of setbacks. In fact, I’ve experienced plenty myself. I still do. Everyone experiences them from time to time, so why is this important to acknowledge? When we focus on the setbacks rather than the wins, we can launch ourselves into a downward spiral of negativity and reverse our momentum.


Momentum is what our brain uses to keep us going in forward motion. It is important to celebrate your wins along the way! Do you want to lose 20 lbs? Well, you have to lose 2lbs before you can lose 20, so celebrate that! Do you want to run a half marathon? You have to run 5 miles before you can run 13 miles, so celebrate that! Do you feel overwhelmed and so busy that seeing the dishes pile up in the sink sends you into an anxious spell or even a panic attack? Try leaving the dishes there for just a few hours at first. I promise they’re not going anywhere. Give yourself some grace and celebrate the wins.


When you choose to celebrate your wins, it re-enforces your progress, which is kind for your mind. Our bodies have a very strong mind-body connection, so as we feed our minds with positivity, progress, and acknowledgment of our wins, we set the stage for a healthier mind and a healthier body. Let’s focus on progressing rather than stressing. Fostering positivity is important for endorphin release, serotonin production, hormone balance and so much more. If we focus on stress, it is hard on our endocrine system and makes it very difficult to maintain positive momentum. If you’re like me, you’re your own worst critic, but do yourself a favor and celebrate your wins along the way. It helps to provide the perspective of where you’ve been and how far you’ve come.


Remember this – a bad day doesn’t erase the progress you’ve made.


Stay positive, celebrate the wins, and until next time my friend,

Stay Refined!


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