How Do I Know If I'm Overwhelmed?

Nov 17, 2022

Overwhelm celebrates Halloween 365 days a year. It shows up in costume, full character, and disguised in many different ways, yet it always has the same effect. You're left feeling scattered and unfulfilled. If this sounds like you my friend, then I believe you're overwhelmed...

Do you ever feel like:

  You're constantly being pulled in different directions?

  Your time and energy are unevenly split between your personal and professional lives.

As a career-driven businesswoman, I know the feeling. I habitually put more obligations on my plate because I thrive on the feeling of accomplishment. I like checking items off my to-do list. (Can I get an Amen)? Is this a bad thing? Am I all alone here? If you're still reading, then I know I'm not alone. As a high-achieving woman, I believe this habit is engrained within us, so let's use it as fuel for living a more fulfilling, rich life, rather than allowing ourselves to be engaged with situations and people that overwhelm us. 

You have FULL control over the situations and people with whom you choose to associate. If people at work don't treat you with respect, kindly repay them with respect and move on. Tell them that you will not engage in conversation with them unless they speak to you respectfully. If you've had a gym membership for over a year and you're not getting the results you want, drop it. It's not working for you. If you've been part of a weekly women's group but these women don't encourage you, lift you up, challenge you, confront you honestly, and make you slightly uncomfortable to help you grow - find another group. 

A piece of advice, if I may, for squashing overwhelm is slimming out your lifestyle. Get rid of the unnecessary subscriptions, sell or give away the stuff in your house that doesn't bring you joy, consider some pruning within your friend groups, and take time for activities you genuinely enjoy. If your goals don't align, find people with whom your goals DO align. An interesting thing about slimming out your lifestyle is that it usually has added benefits. More money in your pocket, more intentional friendships, higher self-worth, less distractions, more enjoyable use of your time, and a better quality of life. This is what it feels like to live a rich, refined lifestyle.

Stare overwhelm in the face and take a deep breath. You've got this.

My challenge for you this week - slim one thing out of your lifestyle. Small hinges swing big doors. 

Until next time my friend, Stay Refined!



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