Feeling Anxious?

Dec 08, 2022

Let’s get straight to it. What causes anxiety? Stress and stressors (two different things) impacting the body are what cause anxiety. Let’s unpack that.

Stress is normal. It’s the body's reaction to feeling overwhelmed, busy, and sometimes the feeling of not being in control. 

Stressors are something that causes a state of strain or tension in our bodies, which then manifests as stress. In other words, stressors cause stress. And stress causes anxiety. Stress and even anxiety can serve as defense mechanisms for the body to alert us that we need to change our environment. 

Let me repeat that - we need to change our environment.

So if anxiety is our body’s way of alerting us to change, why do so many people end up on anti-anxiety medications instead of just changing their environment? Probably because this is how we’ve been conditioned to believe, and conventional doctors have been trained to medicate. But I’m here to tell you to decondition yourself, starting right now. I want you to understand and embody the idea that you don’t get sick because you have a low level of anti-anxiety meds in your system, you get sick because your body is out of balance. Period. And that is exactly what your body is trying to alert you of when you feel anxious.

Want to know more about where your anxiety is coming from? Listen to my podcast How To Heal Anxiety & Overwhelm From The Inside Out with the amazing Nicole Janton, host of the Anxious and Ambitious podcast, where we discuss: 

   - Finding the root cause of anxiety vs. overmedicating 

   - The mind-body connection as it relates to anxiety

   - Why the gut is your “second brain”

   - The #1 challenge for high-achieving women


To conquer anxiety, we must first learn how to identify it.

Until next time my friend, Stay Refined!


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