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My goal is to simplify and personalize wellness for YOU.


Why is genomic testing important and how does it impact YOUR wellness?


Within your DNA is personalized information about the way YOU metabolize both food and medications. So whether you are looking to optimize your health, or if you have tried everything but your health isn't budging, genomics guided treatment can help.

Think of your genomic (genetic) information as the GPS for your health journey.

A simple cheek swab is all we need to get started!

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Let's get personal.  


Hi there! My name is Bryana Gregory, Pharmacist, Nutrigenomics and Pharmacogenomics Consultant for women, men and children alike.

Here's my story. After seeing many doctors and struggling with my own health for several years, I realized that conventional medicine wasn't helping me feel better. It is one-size-fits-all. I was completely overwhelmed and became too comfortable with the idea that I may never feel my best. Thankfully, I was introduced to a practitioner who used a comprehensive approach, taking the entire body into consideration. This is important because everything is connected and the way we live our lives affects our health and the way we show up - not only for ourselves, but for others. There are too many people who feel the way I did - ill without a healthcare advocate in my court. This is why it is important to me to offer personalized services to address the root cause, rather than taking a ''Band Aid" approach. It is important to remember that our body functions best when in balance. When it is out of balance, this is when we become ill. There is hope, and I am here to guide and encourage you every step of the way!

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